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Order Issues

Well,that depends on your location and sometimes due to some logistics issues.It usually takes about 1 to 2 working days to deliver an item around Lagos,and 2 to 5-6 working days outside of Lagos.However,it sometimes takes lesser days to deliver,depening on your location outside of Lagos and generally logistics issues.

If your item arrived to you in bad condition(which is actually rare with our store),we will advise you to take a picture of the item and send us a message with what is wrong with it and we will be happy to either help you resolved the fault or send you a replacement.Please allow for the same delivery time to get the replaced item.


 If the time frame for your expected delivery date elapsed,please get in touch with us through a phone call, so we can immediately help track and find out why it has not gotten to you yet.And possibly makes sure it does gets to you.

You can always find our phone number on the contact us page of our website.

Ooops! We are sorry, that can not be possible now on our site.However,we can always track your order on your behave through the websites of the various shipping companies we are in partner with to deliver you the order.

Returns & Refunds

Acelin Deals offers a 7 day return policy for products we sell directly. If something goes wrong with an eligible product and you notify us within 7 days of receiving the item, you will get a satisfactory resolution such as a return for replacement, exchange, or refund.

After 7 days, our return policy expires and refunds/returns/exchanges are no longer covered. However, if you are dissatisfied with an item for any reason and the return policy has expired, you can still contact us, and we will try to help if we can.

If the product has a manufacturer’s warranty that is still active after the return time frame has elapsed, the buyer should contact the manufacturer directly.

However, if the service center is not in your location, you may choose to contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: that you will be responsible for the shipping cost and  repair cost (where the defect is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty). we will not replace or issue refund for items that fall into this category.

For change requests on eligible items which are not defective, you will be entitled to a replacement, exchange or a refund.

General Returns Process

1. Registration of Complaint:  Register your complaint before the return policy expires

2. Complaint Review:   Within 48 hours, your request will be reviewed.

3. Complaint Feedback: After your complaint is reviewed, your item may or may not be authorized for return depending on the ‘General Return Policy  described above.

If return is not authorized, this will be communicated along with the relevant reasons. If return is authorized, you will be sent an authorization along with appropriate information on where to drop off the item

4. Return of Item: once return is authorized, you will be asked to return the item within the timeframe communicated while ensuring that: The item is returned in its original packaging with all accessories intact. The item is in the same condition it was in when delivered. The invoice is included with the reason for return written on it

5. Return Confirmation: Once your return is received you will receive a confirmation, however if the item does not meet the criteria required for Return of Item, your return may be declined. Please note that this confirmation is simply a confirmation of the return and not of any defect, etc. as the item has not been inspected thoroughly.

6. Resolution Processing: Depending on the exact issue, final resolution after return confirmation may happen very quickly or may take longer. Scenarios involving relatively detailed inspections or examinations may take longer.

7. Final Resolution: Your repair, replacement, refund or exchange will be on its way to you. But will now take longer than 48 hours after inspection.

Yes you can.So long as the said item is in good condition as was delivered to you and the content or packaging not tempared with.